Terms and Conditions

A smooth & friendly relationship between client & us is our top priority. So we want you to know everything about us before purchasing anything on our site. There is nothing crazy going here but these are something good to know.

FREE Domain: If you got any free domain through our campaign or within any web design & development package, it’s FREE for 1 YEAR and then $15 from the NEXT YEAR. If you don’t want to proceed with the website, you’ve to do nothing, your domain will be automatically cancelled after one year if you don’t want to proceed with the website.

FREE Hosting: Also your FREE Hosting is FREE for 1 YEAR. And then $48 from next year, which means $4 per month but billed annually. If you don’t want to proceed with the website, you don’t have to take any action for it.

Website Login Access: Once you purchased any of our web design & development services, the whole website is totally yours. You deserve your website login access, you can create/read/update/delete anything on your website on your own.

cPanel Access: Since we host many other clients’ website on our server, so we have to count security measures. And for security reasons, we’ll not give you access to cPanel, and eventually, you do not need this cPanel access because we will do the website setup and create a dashboard for you. But you will get full access to your own website dashboard. You can maintain your whole website from your website dashboard very easily.

Assets & Contents: We will give you the logo, icons, photos & other graphics but you have to give us the text contents for your website. The text contents include your address, phone number, email, your biography, about your business, etc.

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